Join our team for 2020, we'd love to have you.

The P.S. I Love You Day student ambassador program was an initiative launched in 2017. By applying to be a student ambassador, you become the leader within your school to implement this program. There is no other rewarding gift than to gather a team of students who share a similar interest as you, and transform your school’s community into a loving, welcoming environment. As you walk around on February 14th, 2020, and see nothing but purple, you are overcome with self-worth, hope, inspiration, and most importantly, love.

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Who is eligible?

We are currently accepting the following: 5th grade students for elementary schools, 6th-8th grade students for middle schools, 9th-12th students for high schools, and freshman to seniors in college. Most importantly, however, we are looking for students who are willing and determined to make a change.


What are the duties?

-Gather a group of students, teachers, professors, or community members that promise to wear purple and spread the message

-Implement at least 2 programs (two of the recommended ones, or two of your own) within your school, along with encouraging wearing purple.

-Keep us updated at on any meetings or events that occurred, in addition to questions

-Submit a photo prior to February 8th, 2019 with your club, group of friends, or of your school promoting P.S. I Love You Day 2019 (similar to the cover page of this packet).

-Submit a review to by March 8th, 2019 of how you think P.S. I Love You Day went within your school, events that you implemented, any issues you faced, any recommendations you have, and pictures from your celebration of P.S. I Love You Day 2019.