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Become a student ambassador.

The P.S. I Love You Day student ambassador program was an initiative launched in 2017. By applying to be a student ambassador, you become the leader within your school to implement this program. There is no other rewarding gift than to gather a team of students who share a similar interest as you, and transform your school’s community into a loving, welcoming environment. As you walk around on February 8th, 2019, and see nothing but purple, you are overcome with self-worth, hope, inspiration, and most importantly, love.

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Who is eligible?

We are currently accepting the following: 5th grade students for elementary schools, 6th-8th grade students for middle schools, 9th-12th students for high schools, and freshman to seniors in college. Most importantly, however, we are looking for students who are willing and determined to make a change.


What are the duties?

-Gather a group of students, teachers, professors, or community members that promise to wear purple and spread the message

-Implement at least 2 programs (two of the recommended ones, or two of your own) within your school, along with encouraging wearing purple.

-Keep us updated at on any meetings or events that occurred, in addition to questions

-Submit a photo prior to February 8th, 2019 with your club, group of friends, or of your school promoting P.S. I Love You Day 2019 (similar to the cover page of this packet).

-Submit a review to by March 8th, 2019 of how you think P.S. I Love You Day went within your school, events that you implemented, any issues you faced, any recommendations you have, and pictures from your celebration of P.S. I Love You Day 2019. 

2019 Participating Schools

coming soon…

Previous Participating Schools


1. Albertus Magnus High School
2. Aquinas Institute
3. Babylon High School
4. Barton Elementary
5. Bay Shore Middle School
6. Bay Shore Senior High School
7. Bayfield High School in Colorado
8. Bayport Blue Point High School
9 Bayview Elementary
10. Beach Street Middle School
11. Brentwood High School
12. Brook Ave Elementary School
13. C.C. Ring Elementary School
14. Canaan Elementary
15. Charles D'Amico High School
16. Chesnut Street School
17. Cincinnatus High School
18. Commack High School
19. Cornell University
20. Cornwell Avenue
21. Daniel Street Elementary School
22. Deer Park High School
23. Dominican Academy
24. Dunkirk Elementary School #4
25. Eagle Elementary
26. East Islip High School
27. East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
28. Ellenville Central School District
29. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
30. Farmingdale High School
31. Farmingdale State University
32. Fifth Avenue Elementary School
33. Fordham University
34. Forest Hills High School
35. Garden City High School
36. Gardiner Manor
37. Gateway Secondary School
38. Harding Avenue Elementary
39. High School of Economics and Finance
40. Howitt Middle School
41. Iona College
42. Irwin Altman Middle School 172
43. J.H.S. 067 Louis Pasteur
44. James Madison University
45. John Champe High School
46. John F. Kennedy High School
47. John M. Marshall
48. Kirdahy Elementary School
49. Lakeshore Road Elementary
50. Lindenhurst High School
51. Lindenhurst Middle School
52. Lindenhurst William Rall
53. Long Beach High School
54. Loyola University Maryland
55. M.S. 158 Marie Curie
56. Manetuck Elementary School
57. Marathon High School
58. Marion G Vedder Elementary School
59. Marist College
60. Mary G Clarkson Elementary
61. Medford Elementary
62. Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
63. Midlakes Intermediate Schoool
64. Molloy College
65. Moriches Elementary School
66. Mount Saint Mary College
67. MS 67
68. Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74
69. North Babylon High School
70. Onondaga Hill Middle School (Westhill)
71. Patchogue-Medford High School
72. Pinecrest Academy of Nevada-Candence Campus
73. P.S. 046 Alley Pond
74. P.S. 80
75. P.S. 094 David D Porter
76. P.S. 098 The Douglaston School
77. P.S. 100
78. P.S. 115 The James J. Ambrose School
79. P.S. 130
80. P.S. 133
81. P.S. 159
82. P.S. 162 John Golden
83. P.S. 185 Walter Kassenbrock
84. P.S. 201-The Discovery School for Inquiry and Research
85. P.S. 354
86. P.S. 138
87. P.S./IS 268
88. Parliament Place Elementary
89. Paul D Schreiber High School
90. Paul J. Bellew Elementary School
91. Penfield High School
92. Poughkeepsie Children Home
93. PS/IS 178 Holliswood
94. Public School in Far Rockaway
95. Queens H.S. for the Sciences at York College
96. Queens Metropolitan High School
97. Qquenock Elementary School
98. Quinnipiac University
99. Redwood Middle School
100. Robert Moses Middle School
101. Sayville High School
102. Saint Theresa-Bronx, NY
103. Smithtown High School East
104. South Bay Elementary School
105. South Country Elementary School
106. Springs Union Free School District
107. St. Mary School
108. SUNY Cortland
109. Susan E. Wiley Elementary School
110. Tangier Elementary School
111. The Young Women's Leadership School
112. Tremont Elementary
113. Turtle Hook Middle School
114. Udall Middle School
115. University of Alabama
116. Virginia Tech
117. West Babylon High School
118. West Gates Elementary
119. West Hempstead High School
120. West Hempstead Middle School
121. West Islip High School
122. Winston Prep Transitions
123. William E Deluca Junior Elementary School
124. Woods Road Elementary School