Jaimie DiPalma

Someone once told me that "life only gives what you can handle." After losing my father, I kept this saying close in hopes that I could only become stronger. Now, almost seven years later, I can truly say I have become a stronger person than I ever could have envisioned. 

When my family lost this special person, six and a half years ago, we could not help but feel hopeless at the time. Looking for that light, my sister and her friends were able to create the inspirational idea of P.S. I Love You Day. P.S. I Love You Day's vision is to create a world where suicide has no stigma and people are able to reach out for help when dealing with their own mental illness or personal struggles. Every year, P.S. I Love You Day, encourages people to spread the message of kindness and love in hope that that everyone feels touched and inspired. 

As an elementary school teacher, I try daily to instill these positive core values in my classroom in hope that they can be a lending hand to a friend. I hope that by spreading positive messages, we can stop cruel bullying that happens in today's world. Students today are tomorrows future and by teaching them positive values, we hope they create a brighter future for each other.

Each day is a new beginning. Lets encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves.  P.S. I Love You Day is there for people to know they are NEVER alone. There are 365 days in a year and endless opportunities for you to spread the message of kindness and love. 

Join us in celebrating the 8th annual P.S. I Love You Day to show that everyone has a support system. By empowering others, you will feel better about yourself and know the impact you can leave on another's life. 

Love is universal and life is a beautiful journey. Lets celebrate together.

P.S. I Love You.

Jaimie DiPalma